e-learning localizationLocalization is the key to any global e-learning course. Without it, the course’s success and even your company’s profitability may be diminished. Yikes. That’s a pretty scary thought – especially if you’re spending a great deal of time, resources and money to make your e-learning course amazing.

We know, some of you may be thinking, “Hold on! My course is going to be a failure because of local-what?” Although it may sound like a confusing word, localization doesn’t have a complex meaning at all. It simply means adapting a translation so that people who live in a certain location can understand it. For example, if people listening to your course in Panama get a version that was translated and recorded in Mexican Spanish, they probably won’t understand some of your message.

And – don’t be mad at the messenger – but there’s even worse news. Let’s just say you used humor, slang or sarcasm in the course. Some cultures don’t use or understand any of these things within their local dialects. In fact, sometimes a lack of localization can lead to the audience finding the material offensive!

In a nutshell, that’s the bad stuff that can happen when you don’t use e-learning localization. Now, let’s take a look at all the great things that will occur when you do use it.

Localization opens up new markets.
That’s right. With e-learning localization, your message can be heard and – most importantly – understood by anyone. No longer will your market be only English speaking groups. Now anyone interested in quality e-learning opportunities in their native languages will have the ability to benefit from your courses. This will open up many doors for you, as your market (and revenue!) will grow.

When you use localization, you gain credibility.
We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase “You get what you pay for.” This couldn’t be truer when it comes to localization. Yes, it costs money to have your materials translated properly for each target audience. But when you make the investment, the value of your course skyrockets. Now, you are really a global company with a brand that embraces effective communication with people in different parts of the world.

Localization helps people to learn.
If you work for a company that uses e-learning courses to train employees, localization will allow you to properly train those who may not know English as a first language. Localization gives these employees a chance to understand what you want to teach them. With good training, they will be able to do their jobs efficiently.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to gain access to more markets, boost your company’s credibility, and really help people to learn, e-learning localization is for you. The best part is that you don’t have to do anything other than contact us here at Metro Audio & Video. We specialize in localization and have 2 decades of experience. Leave the localization to us, and you can spend more time creating amazing course materials!