Case Study: Xbox

The Problem: 

Microsoft’s Xbox launched a new game controller with an instant messenger kit and sought to present it worldwide. In order to have the best visual demonstration video of the new product, they needed to collaborate with a production company that had years of experience dealing with animation as well as highly trained sound and video engineers on staff.

Xbox’s first issue: They didn’t have an animation team.

Xbox needed to produce a high quality, captivating video, but didn’t have an animation team in place as a part of its video department. Their team knew the importance of first impressions and about a limited time frame to impress a viewer when he or she walked by the demonstration at a retail store.

Xbox’s second issue: They didn’t have music production capability.

Xbox needed to create a music track and edit the track to the video. They didn’t have music production capabilities.

How We Helped Xbox:

With all of the professionals Xbox needed under one roof, were able to produce their project in a shorter period of time than expected and with a lower cost!