French Canadian Voice Overs

Looking for French Canadian voice over talent? Use the French Canadian voice over samples below to get a range of our vocal talent.

Canadian French Speakers

French Canadians make up the French-speaking population of Canada, and account for 22% of the people in the country. Canada was the most developed and populated area of New France when the French were colonizing in the 17th and 18th centuries. French Canadians took their name from this. There are several varieties of the Canadian French language. These include Québécois (Quebec French), Acadian French, Métis French and Newfoundland French.

Our French Canadian Voice Overs

French Canadian voiceovers have become a necessity for businesses trying to reach audiences across Canada. Metro Audio and Video has extensive experience with voice productions in the Canadian French language and can help you select the most appropriate voice for your specific audience – whether it includes medical, legal, marketing, financial, technical or other industries. We will always provide you with the most effective way to communicate with your target market.