About Metro Audio and Video

Meet the team who will give a voice to your project!

Our Corporate Team Members

Tim Giardina

Tim Giardina


Tim Giardina began his career as a sound engineer and quickly became familiar with video and motion graphics production and the localization industry. Today, his team of skilled engineers and producers have allowed Metro Audio and Video to revolutionize the production of multimedia for global audiences. Over the years, Tim has developed and maintained a group of over 3000 professionally trained voice talents and linguists, in over 150 languages. As a producer, director and engineer, Tim actively participates in all Metro Audio and Video productions. Tim graduated from SAE Institute with a degree in audio production and John Jay College with degrees in English and Criminal Justice. In his spare time, Tim enjoys coaching his daughters’ softball teams.

Maya Tsirulnik

Maya Tsirulnik

Vice President Of Sales & Marketing

Maya Tsirulnik is Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Her extensive background dealing with digital marketing and multimedia localization brings unparalleled knowledge and expertise to Metro Audio and Video. As one of Metro’s first employees, Maya has played an instrumental role in creating and formalizing the company’s sales strategy and structure. Prior to Metro, Maya held finance positions for leading multimedia production companies dealing with localization and translation. Maya graduated from Baruch College with degrees in business administration and finance. When not at the office, Maya enjoys reading and traveling.



Vice President of Production / Head Engineer

Daniel is a multimedia editor with over 15 years of experience in fast-paced professional environments. He works on world-class projects involving audio/video editing, motion graphics, visual effects and digital image editing. Daniel delivers pristine quality projects with a high standard of excellence. Creativity, attention to detail and fast delivery are his main core strengths. On a personal side, he has a great passion for oil painting, science and technology. He also loves travel and good books.

Jill Thoman

Jill Thoman

Project Manager

As a Project Manager, Jill coordinates day-to-day operations to meet business goals and client objectives. She has a degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Journalism from the University of Arizona. With 20 years of experience in the field of communications, her specialties include project management, content and technical writing, and web design. She is certified as a Webmaster from Florida State University and has an extensive background with content management systems. Jill enjoys hiking, reading and spending time with family.



Senior Project Manager

Brad has been an important part of Metro Audio and Video from the very beginning. He was one of the first Project Managers involved with building Metro Audio and Video from the ground up.

As a Sr. Project Manager, Brad is passionate about helping his team succeed. He does this by making sure everyone has the tools they need to accomplish their goals. While receiving his bachelor’s degree from SUNY IT in Business Management, Brad worked and studied full time. This experience prepared him to be able to handle any challenge, and to have excellent communication and time management skills.

Brad enjoys fishing, bike riding and helping people in his community.

Our Voice Talent Team

We employ the world’s top voice talents and linguists. Read about their award-winning work and accomplishments.

Our Commitment To Sustainability

Sustainability is becoming an important part of everyone’s lives. We believe every company, both small and large, should consider its impact on the environment and take steps to decrease its carbon footprint. At Metro Audio and Video, sustainability is a corporate value that has been integrated into our day-to-day operations and business decisions. That’s exactly why we created our Green Metro initiative. 

Green Metro builds internal awareness around the environmental impact we have as a business. Its goals include reducing energy consumption, waste production and travel. 

Examples of Green Metro:

We have significantly reduced travel company-wide.

Our offices are mostly plastic-free.

We buy sustainable products and support other eco-friendly businesses.

We market green initiatives internally and externally.

We are committed to decreasing our use of paper.

We eliminated personal desktop printers.

We implemented digital storage.

We reduce, reuse and recycle.

We use sustainable packaging.

We have made energy-efficient upgrades to our offices.

We use green web hosting services.

We firmly believe that it’s our duty to our clients, ourselves and our planet to do whatever is possible to promote sustainable working practices. We are happy that our Green Metro initiative has been accepted with enthusiasm, and we look forward to continuing the reduction of our environmental impact.