GALA has a tremendous reputation, worldwide, as the most respected association for language industry professionals. As an active member of the language industry, Metro Audio and Video is proud to be a part of this influential association. What’s even more exciting is that our membership offers us the opportunity to introduce language industry professionals to the growing need for multimedia localization, which includes the translation and cultural adaptation of projects such as:

We were recently given the opportunity to host a webinar, for GALA members,  that discussed the importance of multimedia localization in today’s global economy. The reception from that webinar was overwhelmingly positive, reminding us of how this specialized service – multimedia localization – benefits more than just translation companies. Any business – from production companies to nonprofits – that puts out digital and multimedia communications to an audience (or has clients that do), benefits from the expertise of a multimedia localization agency like Metro AV.

Partnering With Metro for Your Multimedia Translation Needs

At Metro Audio and Video, we aren’t just competitive members of the multimedia localization industry; we nearly wrote the book on this field. With deep roots in production, sound engineering and digital marketing, our company is as much a translation agency as we are a production company. As we’ve honed in on delivering unparalleled multimedia localization services to clients worldwide, we’ve never let go of our roots, meaning we know what it takes to make clients happy. We know how to deliver a quality product on time and within budget.

Offering multimedia services is a daunting task that few companies can afford. But most businesses out there would benefit from providing their clients with that added service. By partnering with a voice over studio such as Metro AV, companies can markup offered multimedia services anywhere from 15 to 30 percent. Also, we would work with your company on educating Project/Vendor Managers and Sales Reps on how to approach clients requesting such services and the right way to handle it. That’s why many businesses throughout the world choose to partner with us. By adding multimedia localization services to your offerings you can increase the spectrum of services you offer to your endusers.

In other words, you become a one-stop shop for your customers, which in turn, increases your revenue stream. A Metro AV partnership means your business can now offer the work we provide, including:

Don’t I need to be at least well versed in multimedia localization in order to offer it to my clients?

That’s a very good point. Of course it’s ideal that your managers and sales reps – who are the face of your company – become familiar with certain localization terms. But as part of our partnership, we’ll work with your staff to ensure they look and sound like experts as they pitch your new, added services to your clients.

The Metro difference

Our state of the art studio in downtown NYC is housed with all the necessary equipment, sound booths and production engineers to ensure that your clients’ projects – and your hard work – are in good hands. Each project we take on is examined closely by a linguistic supervisor – who ensures the accuracy of the translations – and a production engineer – who focuses on the overall presentation of the work. And, with an ever-growing team of certified translators at our disposal, we’re able to offer localization in more than 150 languages, and for cultures spanning the globe.

Whether you need multimedia services for your own projects, or for projects on behalf of your clients, Metro has the reputation, expertise, team, and equipment to provide you top-quality work that will meet your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your clients reach a wider audience.