Case Study: LinkedIn

The Problem:

LinkedIn was growing rapidly and needed the production of new marketing materials to reach its international audience. Expansion required localization of their website and instructional videos into multiple languages. LinkedIn needed a solution to present itself in the most acceptable ways to cultures around the world. More importantly, they had to find a company to work with that could provide professional translation services and a complete localization of their current videos (including translation, graphics and voice overs).

The first issue we discovered: Their production department did not have translators and voice talents on staff.

LinkedIn had an internal production department which was looking to collaborate with an experienced translation and voice over company to work on its existing and future projects. Their potential partner had to have knowledge of language localization and foreign language voice over recording. LinkedIn was also looking to work with a team that understood production procedures.

The second issue we discovered: Time was of the essence!

It was necessary for LinkedIn to work with a studio that specialized in localizing multimedia and understood the processes of foreign language localization. To setup such a studio at their own office would take money and time.

How We Helped LinkedIn:

LinkedIn needed to work with a company familiar with the localization process. They needed to collaborate with a voice over production company to produce foreign language voiceovers. They also needed help to localize motion graphics, and wanted to work with professional engineers who specialized in foreign language graphic creation. Lastly, they needed to finish project within a set timeframe. Metro Audio and Video provided all of the above!