dubbing versus subtitlingDo you find yourself wondering what it’s like to be a voice actor? Or are you just curious to hear what the profession is all about? Well, to us here at Metro Audio & Video, voice acting is truly an art. It’s the art of providing a professionally trained voice for TV, films, dubbed foreign language films, animations, commercials, radio, audiobooks, video games, e-learning courses, documentaries and much more.

You may have heard the terms “voice artists”, “voiceover specialists” or “voice talents”… these are just other ways of saying “voice actor”. It takes a great deal of talent and skill to become a professional voice actor. In fact, we like to tell people that it’s not just the words that carry a message – it’s the way they’re spoken. The biggest misconception about voice acting is that it’s about a person’s voice. You may be surprised to hear this… but it’s not about the voice at all! Just because someone has a good voice or can do great impressions doesn’t mean they were made for voice acting. Voice acting is all about how someone uses their voice to deliver a message, emotion, or attitude.

For example, when we look for professional voice actors to join our team, we look for individuals who have a passion for the career. In other words, we’re not looking to hire someone who views voice acting as a stepping stone to becoming an on-screen actor. Our clients demand the best quality possible, and we only hire voice actors who have perfected their craft and love working in the business.

What else makes or breaks a voiceover audition with us? Well, we want to be sure that all of our voice actors are just that… actors! If you can’t act, you shouldn’t be working in the voiceover industry. You may think of acting as something that people only do on-screen, but this isn’t the case. Voice actors need to be able to play the parts they are given. This is why many of our professional voice actors have backgrounds as seasoned stage actors. A number of them have extensive Broadway experience, and are pros at projecting their voices and clearly enunciating their delivered words.

At Metro AV, we’re highly selective it comes to choosing our voice actors. We know that no one is born into the profession… and that training and experience are the only things that will lead to expertise in this industry.

Why not take a “listen” to some of our featured voiceover talent, and hear for yourself? Visit our Voice Samples page for voice talent files in over 125 languages! And, if you have a voiceover project you’d like us to work on, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today for a free quote.