confused (Large)Years ago, the word “content” usually referred to words on a page. In today’s advanced world, however, more and more of the communication between businesses and consumers is shifting from textual to visual. The “content” you deliver to your audience today delves into the world of sights and sounds, and, namely, video. Today, video content is king. However, localizing your or your clients video content for a diverse, multilingual audience can be challenging and problematic, unless you have the tools and resources required for such a technical task. At Metro Audio and Video, we specialize in the localization of foreign language multimedia projects, including translation, audio dubbing, captioning, graphics and e-learning:

As leaders in this growing field, we combine our experience as a foreign language specialized production company and translation agency to provide an all-in-one solution for your video localization needs.

The one-click solution

So how do you simply “click” to localize your video? Taking on the task of video localization would require a production company to spend countless hours, manpower, and money. But it doesn’t have to be that way. pointer-click-hi You can simplify your video localization by taking one simple step: Contacting Metro Audio & Video!

Metro Audio and Video – An NYC-based production company specializing in foreign languages, multimedia, and localization.

The perfect complement for your production company

Typically, when a production company looks to localize a video, they reach out to a translation agency. It makes sense, of course, since translation agencies have an army of translators at their disposal. But what these companies don’t have is the expertise and equipment required to localize multimedia projects. Translators alone are effective for textural projects; however, …

It takes more than a translation to localize a video.

At Metro Audio & Video, we not only work with highly qualified translation language professionals (who, combined, represent more than 150 languages), but we also offer full multimedia support. The Metro team includes highly trained engineers and producers, as well as our state-of-the-art recording studio, where we merge language and technology to provide our clients accurate, and professionally produced multimedia projects. We’re equally skilled in a majority of the world’s languages as we are in multimedia applications and software, including popular apps such as Final Cut Pro and After Effects. We also offer complete open captioning and closed captioning services for our localized videos, and have a clear understanding of foreign language fonts and character sets, and the native speaking subtitling engineers to assist us.

Why choose Metro? Chances are your projects are being sent to us anyways…

Many of the projects we come across are sent to us by translation agencies that don’t have the skills or resources to truly localize a project. What happens is they’re contacted by a production company (not very different from yours) looking to localize a video. The agency, in turn, out-sources the work to us, while likely charging you far more than we ever would. Why get shortchanged by inviting a middleman into the process? By contacting Metro directly, you save money and headaches, and gain a partner with the proven track record for multimedia localization. And hey, it only takes a click of the mouse!