We're more than a translation company... We're your linguistic bridge to the world.

Metro Audio and Video expertly manages translation, localization, voice overs, dubbing, narration, and subtitling to bring your content to life in over 150 languages.

Your Premier Translation Company For Global Communication

At Metro Audio and Video, we understand that communication is the cornerstone of connection. As a leading translation company, we’re not just changing words from one language to another; we’re tailoring messages to resonate with audiences worldwide. Whether it’s documents, multimedia, or digital platforms, our expertise ensures your content transcends borders with clarity and precision.

Through Localization, We Help You Foster A Deeper Connection With Your Audience.

Translating content is only the beginning. For a message to resonate, it needs to be localized to reflect the nuances, idioms, and cultural touchpoints of each region. We go beyond mere word-to-word translation. We localize your content, ensuring it speaks directly to your target audience in a way that feels personal and relevant.

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Why Is Localization Necessary For Your Translation Project?

From Screen To Sound: Voice Over, Dubbing, & Subtitling Services

Do you have a video or multimedia project? You’re in good hands! Not only are we a premier translation company, but we also offer a range of multimedia services under one roof. They include:

Voice Over:
Breathe life into your content with our professional voice talents.

Our dubbing services will seamlessly sync localized audio with your visual content.

Engage your audience with perfectly timed and accurately translated subtitles.

Samples Of Our Work

By doing everything in-house in our NYC recording studio, we’re able to ensure quality control from start to finish. This not only guarantees top-notch services but also translates to significant time and cost savings for you.

"Metro Audio & Video is the best translation company I have ever dealt with. Their prices are affordable and working with them is a pleasure. Emails are responded to very quickly and translations are returned on time. The process goes very smoothly from beginning to end. My only regret is not discovering them sooner!"

– Gabriel Soffer, English Language Development Teacher at Renaissance Academy Charter School

We Provide Translation Services For All Types Of Industries.

Whether you’re in tech, health, entertainment, finance, or any other sector, our translation company is adept at understanding the nuances of every industry. Our skilled translators and localization experts ensure your content is not just translated but also tailored to your specific industry’s needs and standards. Explore some of our most popular industries below.


We provide professional audiobook translation services, ensuring your content resonates with listeners from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Our team of audiobook translators is dedicated to maintaining the essence and emotion of your original work, allowing it to seamlessly transcend language barriers.


Our automotive translation specialists have backgrounds in engineering and are trained in automotive terminology. They specialize in the translation and localization of commercials, service videos, online manuals and catalogs, marketing materials, and more.

Corporate Marketing

Literal translations aren’t always the best if you’re looking to convert your marketing collateral. That’s why our marketing translators are adept in making sure your branding message stays intact — no matter what language you need it in! 


Quizzes, tests, games, videos, animations, audio, graphics – no matter what your course consists of, our elearning translation services can handle it. Elearning software such as Articulate, Lectura, and customized Flash are just a few of our specialties. 


With world trade growing, it’s imperative to reach all cultures. Our financial translators don’t just understand the economy — they can help ensure your message is properly converted so others do, too.


We understand that reaching residents in their communities is vital for local governments to succeed in building a strong society. Our government translators are not only linguistically adept but also deeply familiar with the nuances of public service communication.


In the medical field, precision is paramount. That’s why we employ only the top professionals for our medical translation services, ensuring that translators with a solid medical background handle your content, maintaining both accuracy and clarity.


Navigating legal jargon requires expertise. With our legal translation services, you’re ensured translators equipped with legal backgrounds, guaranteeing that your content is translated with precision. 


Our language professionals excel in manufacturing translation, adeptly handling projects ranging from operating manuals and patent applications to sales training seminars, policy guides, reports, and marketing campaigns tailored for the manufacturing sector.

Life Sciences

In the realm of the Life Sciences sector, we offer dedicated life sciences translation services, catering to diverse needs such as clinical studies, regulatory documents, packaging, and other industry-specific materials.


Our team of skilled translators, fluent in over 150 languages, brings deep industry knowledge to provide unparalleled energy translation for technical documents, training materials, and more. Their mastery of specialized energy terminology ensures every translated document retains utmost accuracy and clarity, even with complex content.

Video Games

We guide you in developing a robust game translation and localization strategy, ensuring that every element of your game is tailored appropriately and resonates effectively with international players.

Web Development

We provide top-tier website translation services, ensuring your digital content speaks directly to diverse global audiences. By adapting both language and cultural nuances, our services make your website universally accessible and engaging.

"Metro Audio & Video has frequently returned projects ahead of the ETA, making themselves look great in my eyes because they made me look great in MY client’s eyes. The best part is this – I can always ask questions, get general quotes, and am provided with quick answers that never make me scratch my head and think, “Why didn’t I try that?” If you are looking for translation, audio, and/or video services, I highly recommend reaching out – you will not be disappointed!"

– Kristina Brooks, US Together, Inc.

Ready To Get Started On Your Translation Project?

As you set your sights on global markets, our tailored translation services are here to ensure your message is perfectly received by every new audience. Trust us to bridge the language gap, making your transition into international territories seamless and successful. If you’re aiming for global growth, let’s get started on your translation project today. Reach out now and take that pivotal step towards global expansion!