Case Study: Dropbox

The Problem: 

Dropbox had been rapidly expanding internationally at the time, and this high demand meant that they needed to localize their website and demo videos into multiple languages. Every message, every page and every detail of their application needed to be translated and adapted for every language, country, and region it would be used in. Dropbox was particularly interested in localizing its homepage video for their French market. Yet, when they began looking for French translators and voice talents, they quickly realized that there were major linguistic differences and cultural nuances between French Canadian and French from France. Because of these differences, the same translator and voice talent could not be used to produce one video for both countries. This would not be best practice. This is where we came into play.

How We Helped Dropbox:

Here at Metro Audio and Video, we saw from the start that native speaking translators with expertise in multimedia localization were required to bring Dropbox’s project to life. Their past localization efforts had not been handled properly, as translators from incorrect regions had been hired. The end result was not representing them professionally in France.

Dropbox had a particular budget to be spent on the video localization process. In the past, they went to multiple companies for translators, voice over talents, experienced sound and video engineers and graphic designers. They weren’t able to stay within their budget by doing this. They needed one company to handle all aspects of localization production. This would allow them to create their videos on time and within budget.

We worked with knowledgeable and professional translators to translate and localize Dropbox’s home page video. We used experienced voice over talents whose voices were friendly and inviting. Our graphic engineers produced high quality on-screen motion graphics to represent the Dropbox’s creativity and forward thinking. 

We provided:

Professional knowledge of language and dialects.

All services under one roof to save money.

High volume of native-speaking, trained professionals.

Project finished on time and budget.