Case Study: Gibson

The Problem: 

Gibson had a trade show coming up in Japan, but all showcase videos of their guitars had originally been produced in English. The videos had to be translated, localized, and adapted to the Japanese market to properly represent their “hip vibe”, specifically that of Brent Mason who was featured in one of the videos. Gibson was not familiar with localization, yet was highly concerned about the videos being adapted to the Japanese culture. They needed a company to provide professional translation services.

How We Helped Gibson:

We conducted case studies to find out that most Japanese felt that the “Osaka” dialect, called “Osaka-ben” was the coolest. It’s characterized as being both melodic and dynamic. Bingo! That was Brent Mason!

We held auditions in multiple cities to locate a male voice over talent with an Osaka dialect that was the best fit for Gibson. We recorded ahead of schedule and Gibson was extremely happy with the results. They described our voice talent as Brent Mason’s “brotha from anotha motha”! Our production allowed Gibson to have the best representation of their products for the Japanese market. We provided a quick turn-around time, kept costs low, and met the set budget.