Case Study: McDonald’s

The Problem: 

McDonald’s was rapidly expanding in China and launching numerous restaurants. However, they didn’t have localized training videos produced for their Chinese employees. With multiple restaurant opening deadlines looming, they needed to get high quality training videos produced rapidly. It had to be done right the first time – or employees would not be trained on operating the kitchen equipment for opening day.

The Solution:

Our casting department held custom casting auditions followed by recordings to deliver quality training material to McDonald’s. We achieved all of this ahead of schedule and within a few days of the restaurants opening.

What made us stand out from the competition?

We’re able to deliver top-quality products on tight deadlines. By having an established network of resources and a specialized, experienced team, Metro Audio and Video is the perfect fit for a global company’s needs.

We produce quality products within deadlines.
We have an established network of international talent.
We have in-house capability to produce a full spectrum of audio and video products.