Dutch Voice Overs

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From Australia to South America – over 28 million people across the globe speak Dutch.

Dutch is the native language of most of the Netherlands, and is widely spoken in Belgium and Suriname. Yet, its influence can be heard throughout the world, including in African nations and in South America. Dutch is closely related to German and English, having similarities with both languages. While Dutch has abandoned the High German consonant shift – like English – it does features some Germanic features, such as a subject-object-verb word order in subordinate clauses. Because of the language’s unique rules, producing high-quality and accurate Dutch voice over work can be a challenge. However, Metro Audio and Video is well versed in the intricacies of the Dutch language and its many variants, and can provide you with professional quality Dutch voiceover material for your project.

Our Dutch Voice Overs

Globalization is a phenomenon that shows no signs of slowing down. Businesses are looking for effective ways to establish local and international relationships with the world’s many speakers, including Dutch.

Metro Audio and Video has the experience and expertise to provide you with precise Dutch voice overs, and can match your project with the most appropriate voice, based on your message and target audience.  Whether you’re in the medical, legal, financial, technical industry or elsewhere, we have the resources and ability to provide you with unparalleled Dutch voice over work for your next project.