Swedish Voice Overs

Looking for Swedish voice overs or a Swedish accent for your project? Use the samples below to get a range of our vocal talent. We also offer Swedish translation, localization, casting, dubbing, narration and subtitling services.

Our Swedish Voice Overs For A Medical Research Company

Our client approached us to create Spanish, Arabic, and Swedish voice overs for a medical research video. We carefully selected voice over talents with soft and calming voices who sounded similar to one another.

The dubbing process involved several steps, starting with pre-production planning to establish goals and requirements for each language version. Professional translators with expertise in medical terminology handled the translation and localization to suit the target languages and cultures. We then recorded the voice overs, ensuring they matched the timing, delivery, meaning, and emotion of the original English audio. After editing the audio to sync it with the video, we conducted quality control checks to ensure accuracy, consistency, and overall high quality. The video above is an outstanding Swedish voice over that effectively communicates the original content to a new audience.

Our Swedish Voice Over Talents

Our Swedish voice over talents are a highly skilled and diverse group of professionals. With their exceptional linguistic abilities and captivating voices, they bring life and authenticity to every project. Our Swedish voice artists have been carefully selected for their ability to match the timing and delivery of the original audio, while effectively conveying the intended meaning and emotion. 

Whether it’s a Swedish e-learning course, Swedish audio book or any other genre, our voice over talents excel in providing a seamless and engaging experience for the audience. Their soft and calming voices ensure a pleasant and immersive narration, making them an invaluable asset in producing top-quality Swedish voice overs.

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FAQs About Our Swedish Voice Overs

What is the process for Swedish voice over recording?

Casting: Based on the requirements of the project, voice actors with suitable vocal qualities and skills are selected for the Swedish voice over. The casting process may involve auditions or reviewing voice samples.

Direction and Guidance: The voice actor receives direction and guidance from the project coordinator or director. They are provided with information about the tone, style, and intended delivery of the script to match the project requirements.

Recording Session: The voice actor performs the Swedish voice over, delivering the lines with appropriate emotion, timing, and clarity. Multiple takes are recorded to provide options during the editing process.

Editing and Post-Production: The recorded audio is edited, removing any mistakes, breaths, or unwanted noises. The audio is then synchronized with the video or other media, ensuring proper timing and alignment.

Quality Control: The edited Swedish voice over is thoroughly reviewed to ensure accuracy, proper pronunciation, and overall quality. It may involve additional proofreading or feedback from the client or project stakeholders.

Delivery: The final Swedish voice over files are delivered to the client in the required format, ready to be integrated into the project or media.

Can I get a Swedish voice over for my video game, animation, or film?

Yes, absolutely! We offer Swedish voice over services for a wide range of projects, including video games, animations, and films. Our team of skilled Swedish voice actors is well-equipped to bring characters to life, convey emotions, and deliver impactful performances. Whether you need voices for in-game characters, narration, or any other aspect of your project, we can provide you with top-quality Swedish voice overs that enhance the overall experience.

What qualifications do your Swedish voice over talents have?

Here are some qualifications that our Swedish voice over talents possess:

Native proficiency in Swedish: They have a deep understanding of the Swedish language, including pronunciation, intonation, and idiomatic expressions.

Excellent vocal skills: Our voice over talents have clear and articulate voices, capable of capturing the nuances and emotions required for effective Swedish narration.

Acting and performance abilities: They are skilled actors who can bring scripts to life, adapt their voices to different characters and situations, and deliver performances that engage the audience.

Versatility: Our voice over talents are capable of adapting their voices to suit various genres, such as commercials, documentaries, e-learning modules, Swedish video games, animations, and more.

Experience in the voice over industry: They have a track record of working on voice over projects, demonstrating their professionalism, reliability, and ability to meet client expectations.

Interpretation and understanding: Our Swedish voice over talents possess the ability to comprehend and convey the intended meaning and emotions of the original content, while adapting it to suit the target audience.

What's the language code for Swedish?

The language code for Swedish is “SV”. Language codes are typically defined by the ISO 639-1 or ISO 639-2 standards, which provide standardized codes for representing different languages. 

swedish voice over artist kent l

Swedish Voice Artist Spotlight

KENT LOFGREN, Swedish Voice Overs

Kent’s warm and adaptable voice is known in the industry, often used for Swedish language training videos, e-lessons, presentations, and more. Read more about Kent on our Voice Talent page. 

The Swedish Language

The Swedish language, spoken by approximately 10 million people in Sweden and parts of Finland, is a North Germanic language with its roots in Old Norse. As the official language of Sweden, Swedish is known for its melodic and rhythmic qualities. Swedish uses the Latin script and shares similarities with other Scandinavian languages such as Danish and Norwegian, making it mutually intelligible to a certain extent. With a rich literary tradition and contributions to science, music, and culture, the Swedish language plays a significant role in shaping the country’s identity and facilitating communication among its people.

swedish voice overs

Ready To Get Started On Your Swedish Voice Over Project?

With our extensive experience and expertise in the field, we are well-equipped to handle all your Swedish voice over needs. Our team of talented Swedish voice actresses and actors will bring your content to life with their captivating performances and impeccable linguistic skills. We take pride in delivering high-quality Swedish voice overs that engage and resonate with your target audience. Our dedication to customer satisfaction, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence ensure that your project receives the professional treatment it deserves. Contact us today to discuss your Swedish voice over requirements and let us bring your vision to life with our exceptional services.

We Offer Swedish Translation Services & More!

Metro Audio and Video is a leading provider of language solutions, offering a wide range of services including Swedish translation. With a team of experienced and skilled linguists, we specialize in delivering accurate and culturally appropriate translations in Swedish for various industries and sectors. Whether it’s translating documents, websites, audiovisual content, or software, we ensure high-quality translations that effectively convey the intended message while maintaining linguistic nuances.

In addition to Swedish translation, we offer a comprehensive suite of language services, including Swedish subtitling, localization, voice over, dubbing, and narration. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes us a trusted partner for companies seeking professional language solutions.