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Looking for Cantonese voice over talent? Use the Cantonese voice over samples below to get a range of our vocal talent.

Our Cantonese Voice Overs

At Metro Audio and Video, we provide professional Cantonese voice overs for a variety of projects including corporate videos, TV and radio advertisements, and other multimedia. With over 70 million speakers across China, Hong Kong and Macau, Cantonese is an important language for businesses to communicate in.

We understand the importance of accuracy and cultural sensitivity when it comes to Cantonese voice overs, which is why we only work with native Cantonese speakers. We also offer a range of recording services to ensure that your voice over is of the highest quality.

If you’re looking for Cantonese voice overs for your next project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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The Cantonese Language

Cantonese is a dialect of the Chinese language, and is one of the two most commonly spoken languages in Hong Kong. It differs from Mandarin Chinese in its pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and lexicon.

The Cantonese language is the only language in the Chinese family that is not written with a form of Chinese characters. Instead, Cantonese is commonly written with words that are given local meaning in order to represent the meaning of the spoken word. This results in a tonal language with an irregular syllable structure.

Cantonese is spoken by about 4 million people in Hong Kong and Macao, which are now both special administrative regions of the People’s Republic of China.

The majority of the Cantonese-speaking population live in Guangdong province, specifically in or near the Pearl River Delta. Cantonese speakers also live throughout southern China, including coastal provinces such as Fujian and Guangxi, as well as more inland provinces such as Yunnan and Hunan.

Cantonese Voice Over Demos