Portuguese Voice Over Services

Looking for a European Portuguese voice over or European Portuguese accent for your project? Use the samples below to get a range of our vocal talent. We also offer Portuguese translation, localization, casting, dubbing, narration and subtitling services.

Our Portuguese Subtitles For ExxonMobil

At Metro Audio and Video, we are dedicated to providing exceptional multimedia services to clients worldwide. Alongside our renowned Portuguese voice over services, we also offer high-quality Portuguese subtitling solutions.

In this example of our work below, we received a request from ExxonMobil to assist with subtitling a safety video aimed at educating its employees. They were looking for Portuguese subtitles to enhance the viewing experience. Leveraging the expertise of our team of linguists and audio engineers, we successfully delivered high-quality subtitling services that met their needs. Not only were we able to complete the project on budget, but we also finished within the agreed upon timeline. We’re proud to have helped ExxonMobil make their safety video more accessible to their Portuguese-speaking employees.

Our Portuguese Voice Over Services

Metro Audio and Video is one of the leading European Portuguese voice over services providers. We have a team of professional Portuguese voice actors with a wide range of experience across all industries. We offer a variety of services, including voice overs for commercials, corporate videos, e-learning courses, and more.

Whether you need a voice over for a project in Portugal or another Portuguese-speaking country, Metro Audio and Video can help. We have a deep understanding of the Portuguese language and culture, and we can provide a high-quality voice over that meets your specific needs. In addition to our voice overs, we offer European Portuguese translation and localization services, casting, dubbing, narration and subtitling. Contact us to learn more!

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FAQs About Our Portuguese Voice Overs

What’s the difference between European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese?

European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese are two distinct variants of the Portuguese language that are spoken in different parts of the world. Brazilian Portuguese has a more open and relaxed pronunciation, while European Portuguese is generally considered more formal and precise. The two variants share many words, but there are also many words unique to each variant, as well as words that have different meanings. Finally, while the grammar is largely the same, there are minor differences in the use of verb tenses and prepositions, and cultural differences that can affect the way the language is used.

What types of industries have the most demand for European Portuguese voice overs?

Any industry that requires audio or video content for a Portuguese-speaking audience may have a demand for European Portuguese voice overs. Some popular industries include:

Advertising: Advertising agencies often require European Portuguese voice overs for their TV commercials, radio ads, and online campaigns.

E-learning: E-learning companies that create educational content, such as language learning programs, frequently need European Portuguese voice overs.

Entertainment: Entertainment companies, such as film and TV studios, regularly use European Portuguese voice overs for their productions.

Gaming: Gaming companies often seek European Portuguese voice overs for their video games.

Telephone systems: Companies that have telephone systems, such as banks and utility companies, utilize European Portuguese voice overs for their automated voice prompts.

Corporate presentations: Companies often require European Portuguese voice overs for their corporate presentations, training videos, and other internal communication materials.

How long does it take to complete a European Portuguese dubbing project?

We will determine the timeline for completing your voice over project based on a variety of factors, such as the length of the script, the intricacy of the European Portuguese translation, localization and recording, the number of Portuguese voice talents needed, and their availability. Before you place your order, we will provide you with an estimated delivery date.


What format will I receive the voice over recording in?

At the time of your order, please inform us of your preferred file format, and we will deliver your European Portuguese narration in a range of formats, such as MP3, WAV, and others.


What if I need revisions to a voice over recording?

If you require modifications to the voice over recording, we will gladly make the appropriate adjustments. Kindly be aware that certain changes may come with an additional fee, which we will inform you of beforehand.


Does Metro Audio and Video offer European Portuguese subtitles?

Yes we do. Whether you need European Portuguese subtitles, voices overs, or both, Metro Audio and Video is your one-stop shop for all your multimedia localization needs.

Our team of experienced linguists can provide accurate and culturally appropriate European Portuguese subtitles for your videos, ensuring that your message is conveyed clearly and effectively. With our expertise in both European Portuguese voice overs and subtitles, we can help you create multimedia content that is accessible to Portuguese-speaking audiences around the world.


Portuguese Voice Artist Spotlight

MIGUEL MARTINS, European Portuguese Voice Overs

Miguel’s vocal range is adaptable and versatile, perfectly catering to the client’s requirements, whether it’s for a youthful or mature audience. With extensive experience, his voice is distinguished by its rich, robust, and unwavering tone throughout the recordings. Read more about Miguel on our Voice Artist page. 

The Portuguese Language

The Portuguese language is the official language of Portugal and is spoken by over 250 million people worldwide. Portuguese is a Romance language that is closely related to other Romance languages such as Spanish, Italian, and French. It’s also one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, ranking 4th in terms of the number of native speakers.

Portuguese is a very expressive language and is known for its beautiful lyrical quality. It’s also a very musical language and is often used in songs and poetry. In addition to being the language of Portugal, Portuguese is also the official language of Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde, and East Timor.

Portuguese voice over

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Metro Audio and Video is committed to delivering European Portuguese voice over services that surpass your expectations. Our team of skilled voice over artists, translators, engineers, and project managers collaborate to ensure that your project is executed with exceptional quality, precision, and professionalism.

We realize that every project is unique. That’s why we take the time to understand your distinct requirements and preferences. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more and begin your next voice over project!

We Offer Portuguese Translation Services and More!

 If you’re looking for top-quality Portuguese translation and localization services, as well as voice overs, casting, dubbing, narration, and subtitling, look no further than Metro Audio and Video. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing accurate, culturally relevant, and professional services that will help you reach your target audience effectively.