Mandarin Voice Overs

Looking for Mandarin voice over talent? Use the Mandarin voice over samples below to get a range of our vocal talent.

The Wide Reaches Of Mandarin

Mandarin, and the many dialects that make up this language, is the national language of China. It’s also one of the four languages of Singapore. Mandarin is the most commonly spoken variety of Chinese used by Chinese diaspora communities around the world.

Businesses looking to target Mandarin-speaking audiences must be careful how they choose to translate their communications. Depending on the culture of your audience, you may have to factor in certain dialect-specific components. Only highly trained Mandarin translators and voice artists with in-depth knowledge of specific regions and social nuances can offer you precise products tailor-made for your intended market.

Our Mandarin Voice Overs

Translating Mandarin is far more complex than translating English to any other Asian language. It requires a familiarity with your targeted culture as well as your specific industry. For example, medical documents and multimedia have an entirely different set of terms and expectations than financial documents and multimedia. At Metro Audio and Video, we have a team of Mandarin translators and voice over artists who are proficient in the many culturally diverse dialects of Mandarin as well as your specific industry. We can provide you with a final product that maintains your branding and voice and appropriately speaks to your intended market.