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Looking for a Gujarati voice over talent or a Gujarati accent for your project? Use the samples below to get a range of our vocal talent. We also offer Gujarati translation, localization, casting, dubbing, narration and subtitling services.

Our Gujarati Subtitles for Bunge

Bunge sought a voice over studio that could handle the subtitling of their safety videos into multiple languages, including Gujarati. Our team successfully undertook the task of Gujarati subtitling using a multi-step process that involved careful planning, specialized software, and skilled professionals.

Here’s a breakdown of the key steps involved:

Pre-Production Planning: We initiated the subtitling process by consulting with subject matter experts who ensured accurate translation of technical terms and concepts, while also determining the appropriate tone and style to resonate with the Gujarati audience.

Translation: Our experienced Gujarati translators, well-versed in agricultural terminology and subtitling projects, efficiently translated the video’s script from English into Gujarati.

Subtitle Creation: Next, we created the subtitles by incorporating the translated text into a time-coded subtitles file. We ensured proper formatting, legibility, and comprehensibility of the subtitles.

Quality Control: To guarantee a flawless end product, we conducted a thorough review of the entire video. This included checking for translation errors, inconsistencies, and synchronization issues between the Gujarati subtitles and audio. 

Final Delivery: Upon successfully passing all quality control checks, we delivered the Gujarati video to Bunge. The final product accurately conveyed the original content to a new audience, showcasing our commitment to producing high-quality work.

Our Gujarati Voice Overs

Here at Metro Audio and Video, we’re an international voice over agency that provides professional Gujarati voice overs. With our expertise in Gujarati voice over casting and recording, we offer a wide range of talented Gujarati voice over artists who bring clarity, authenticity, and emotion to audio and video projects.

Our meticulous attention to linguistic nuances and cultural sensitivities ensures that the final Gujarati voice over is a seamless fit for the intended audience, making us a trusted choice for clients seeking exceptional Gujarati dubbing services.

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FAQs About Our Gujarati Voice Overs

How different is Gujarati from Hindi?

Gujarati and Hindi are both Indo-Aryan languages, which means they belong to the same language family and share certain similarities. However, there are several notable differences between Gujarati and Hindi:

Script: Gujarati is written in the Gujarati script, while Hindi is primarily written in the Devanagari script. The two scripts have different characters and writing styles.

Pronunciation: Gujarati and Hindi have distinct pronunciation patterns. Gujarati has its own unique set of phonemes and phonetic features, which differentiate it from Hindi.

Vocabulary: Although Gujarati and Hindi share some common vocabulary, there are numerous words that are specific to each language. Gujarati has borrowed words from various sources, including Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic, and English, which contributes to its distinct vocabulary.

Grammar: Gujarati and Hindi have different grammatical structures. They differ in aspects such as verb conjugation, sentence formation, and word order. For example, Gujarati uses postpositions, while Hindi uses prepositions.

Regional Variations: Both Gujarati and Hindi have regional variations and dialects. Gujarati dialects can differ significantly across different regions of Gujarat, while Hindi dialects vary across different states and regions of India.

Despite these differences, there are also similarities and mutual intelligibility between Gujarati and Hindi, especially in terms of shared vocabulary and grammatical concepts. Many speakers of one language can understand and communicate with speakers of the other language to a certain extent, although they may encounter some challenges due to the differences mentioned above.

What is voice over dubbing?

Voice over dubbing refers to the process of replacing the original dialogue or narration in a video or film with a new recording in a different language. It involves recording new audio that matches the lip movements and timing of the original video, allowing viewers who don’t understand the original language to follow the storyline in their own language.

Voice over dubbing is commonly used for movies, TV shows, documentaries, animated films, and other audiovisual content that is intended for international distribution or localization.

How much do Gujarati voice overs cost?

The cost of Gujarati voice overs can vary depending on several factors, including the length of the project, the complexity of the script, and the purpose of the voice over (e.g., commercial, e-learning, documentary). Contact us for a free quote on your project!

How can I choose a Gujarati voice over artist?

Finding the perfect Gujarati voice talent is crucial to ensure a successful final product that effectively connects with your intended audience. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in selecting the ideal voice talent, considering essential factors such as gender, age, accent, character mannerisms, and tone. Additionally, you can listen to the Gujarati voice over demos above to explore and make an informed decision. Should you require assistance in casting Gujarati actors, please reach out to us for professional guidance and support.

The Gujarati Language

The Gujarati language is an Indo-Aryan language primarily spoken by the Gujarati people, who hail from the western state of Gujarat in India. It is also spoken by sizable communities in neighboring states and regions. As one of the 22 officially recognized languages in India, Gujarati has a strong cultural significance, serving as the medium of communication in various domains such as literature, business, media, and entertainment. Known for its vibrant and expressive nature, Gujarati exhibits a diverse vocabulary, incorporating influences from Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic, and English. The language showcases a wide range of dialects and accents, adding to its linguistic diversity. With its widespread usage and cultural significance, Gujarati continues to thrive as a dynamic and cherished language, fostering a sense of identity and connection among its speakers worldwide.

Gujarati voice overs

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If your business or organization is looking to expand its presence in India, our extensive language solutions are designed to meet your specific requirements. Our team of skilled professionals specializes in providing outstanding services for Gujarati  translationlocalizationvoice overdubbing, narration, and subtitling. We ensure that our services are culturally appropriate and of the utmost quality.