When your industry is global, your voice must be as well.

Our professional voice talents will ensure that your communications reach your target markets.

Our team of multilingual oil and gas experts will make your voice over project a success. 

The oil and gas industry spans the globe. While the Middle East and Russia have long been known as energy giants, more countries are now emerging as top producers. From Mexico and Brazil to Nigeria and Norway, the industry is growing at a rate like never before. With all of this growth comes the need for oil and gas companies to be able to communicate on a global stage.

We can help you become a strong voice in the international marketplace. Here at Metro Audio and Video, we’re a renowned industry leader in high quality voice over services for the energy sector. We combine our specialization in oil and gas translation and localization services with our voice talents who have direct experience in your industry.  They understand the industry-specific terms and phrases related to the field and are able to maintain the clarity and purpose of these throughout their translations. They are also experts in international law and country-specific laws. For example, if one of our experts is providing oil and gas translation services in Russian, we ensure that he or she is also an expert in the standards of the Russian Federation.

We offer voice overs in over 150 languages – including those most often used in the oil and gas industry (Russian, Arabic, Spanish, English, French, Dutch and Portuguese).

We’ve worked on every type of oil and gas voice over project, including commercials, e-learning projects, user installation and operation videos for drilling platforms. On the translation and localization side, we’re experts when it comes to drilling expedition reports, seismic studies, installation data, and legal contracts associated with drilling and pipeline installation. 

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